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Data Papers for 2011

Hechinger, Ryan F., Kevin D. Lafferty, John P. McLaughlin, Brian L. Fredensborg, Todd C. Huspeni, Julio Lorda, Parwant K. Sandhu, Jenny C. Shaw, Mark E. Torchin, Kathleen L. Whitney, and Armand M. Kuris. 2011.
Food webs including parasites, biomass, body sizes, and life stages for three California/Baja California estuaries.
Ecology 92:791.
Ecological Archives E092-066.

Raymond, Ben, Michelle Marshall, Gabrielle Nevitt, Chris L. Gillies, John van den Hoff, Jonathan S. Stark, Marcel Losekoot, Eric J. Woehler, and Andrew J. Constable. 2011.
A Southern Ocean dietary database.
Ecology 92:1188.
Ecological Archives E092-097.

Pélissier, Raphaël, Jean-Pierre Pascal, N. Ayyappan, B. R. Ramesh, S. Aravajy, and S. R. Ramalingam. 2011.
Twenty years tree demography in an undisturbed Dipterocarp permanent sample plot at Uppangala, Western Ghats of India.
Ecology 92:1376.
Ecological Archives E092-115.

Stevens, Carly J., Cecelia Duprè, Edu Dorland, Cassandre Gaudnik, David J. G. Gowing, Martin Diekmann, Didier Alard, Roland Bobbink, Emmanuel Corcket, J. Owen Mountford, Vigdis Vandvik, Per Arild Aarrestad, Serge Muller, and Nancy B. Dise. 2011.
Grassland species composition and biogeochemistry in 153 sites along environmental gradients in Europe.
Ecology 92:1544.
Ecological Archives E092-128.

Anderson, Jed, Lance Vermeire, and Peter B. Adler. 2011.
Fourteen years of mapped, permanent quadrats in a northern mixed prairie, USA.
Ecology 92:1703.
Ecological Archives E092-143.

Lucas, Cathy H., Kylie A. Pitt, Jennifer E. Purcell, Mario Lebrato, and Robert H. Condon. 2011.
What's in a jellyfish? Proximate and elemental composition and biometric relationships for use in biogeochemical studies.
Ecology 92:1704.
Ecological Archives E092-144.

Armbruster, Georg F. J., Manuel Schweizer, and Deborah R. Vogt. 2011.
A database on visible diurnal spring migration of birds (Central Europe: Lake Constance).
Ecology 92:1865.
Ecological Archives E092-157.

Rooney, Rebecca C., Suzanne E. Bailey, and Dustin Raab. 2011.
Plant community, environment, and land-use data from oil sands reclamation and reference wetlands, Alberta, 2007–2009.
Ecology 92:2003.
Ecological Archives E092-170.

Mulder, Christian, and J. Arie Vonk. 2011.
Nematode traits and environmental constraints in 200 soil systems: scaling within the 60–6000 µm body size range.
Ecology 92:2004.
Ecological Archives E092-171.

Thieltges, David W., Karsten Reise, Kim N. Mouritsen, John P. McLaughlin, and Robert Poulin. 2011.
Food web including metazoan parasites for a tidal basin in Germany and Denmark.
Ecology 92:2005.
Ecological Archives E092-172.

Mouritsen, Kim N., Robert Poulin, John P. McLaughlin and David W. Thieltges. 2011.
Food web including metazoan parasites for an intertidal ecosystem in New Zealand.
Ecology 92:2006.
Ecological Archives E092-173.

Zander, C. Dieter, Neri Josten, Kim C. Detloff, Robert Poulin, John P. McLaughlin, and David W. Thieltges. 2011.
Food web including metazoan parasites for a brackish shallow water ecosystem in Germany and Denmark.
Ecology 92:2007.
Ecological Archives E092-174.

Thibault, Katherine M., Sarah R. Supp, Mikaelle Giffin, Ethan P. White, and S. K. Morgan Ernest. 2011.
Species composition and abundance of mammalian communities.
Ecology 92:2316.
Ecological Archives E092-201.

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