Ecological Archives E095-240-A2

Jonathan P. Benstead, James M. Hood, Nathan V. Whelan, Michael R. Kendrick, Daniel Nelson, Amanda F. Hanninen, and Lee M. Demi. 2014. Coupling of dietary phosphorus and growth across diverse fish taxa: a meta-analysis of experimental aquaculture studies. Ecology 95:27682777.

Appendix B. Responses of specific growth rate (SGR) to diet %P treatments across experimental studies excluded from the SGR analysis.


Fig. B1. Response of specific growth rate to diet %P treatments for the 61 studies removed from the final data set based on three groups of selection criteria: monotonic (A), β2 < 0 or β3 > 0 (B), and R² < 0.5 (C). Least-squared fits of a quadratic model are shown in gray.

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