Ecological Archives E095-240-A4

Jonathan P. Benstead, James M. Hood, Nathan V. Whelan, Michael R. Kendrick, Daniel Nelson, Amanda F. Hanninen, and Lee M. Demi. 2014. Coupling of dietary phosphorus and growth across diverse fish taxa: a meta-analysis of experimental aquaculture studies. Ecology 95:27682777.

Appendix D. Confidence intervals (95%) for optimal dietary %P for each study included in the meta-analysis.


Fig. D1. Optimal dietary %P (error bars are 95% confidence intervals) for each study, ranked by the range between the upper and lower confidence. In 75% of the studies, the 95% CI range was less than half of the range between the minimum and maximum dietary P treatments in that study (inset). See Appendix C for study citations.

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