Donald F. Charles. 1985. Relationships between surface sediment diatom assemblages and lakewater characteristics in Adirondak Lakes. Ecology 66:994-1011.


Supplement 1: Tables of limnological characteristics and diatoms in Adirondack lakes. (Material Taken From: "Studies of Adirondack Mountain (N.Y.) Lakes: Limnological Characteristics and Sediment Diatom-Water Chemistry Relationships" by Donald F. Charles, Doctoral Dissertation, Department of Biology, Indiana University.)
Ecological Archives E066-004-S1 (ESPS 8520).

Table5: pH and alkalinity of Adirondack study lakes, pp. 205-213.

Table6: Secchi disc, Forel-Ule color, platimum cobalt color and conductivity measurements for Adirondack study lakes, pp. 216-225.

Table7: Total phosphorus, chlorophyll a, and pheopigment concentrations (ug/L) in Adirondack study lakes, pp. 228-237.

Table8: Cationand anion concentrations in Adirondack study lakes, pp. 240-256.

Table9: Concentration of Al and Si, ion balance analyses, and conductivity check analyses for Adirondack study lakes, pp. 257-271b.

Table10: Diatom taxa observed in surface sediment samples taken from 38 Adirondack lakes, and summary chemical data for the lakes in which they occurred, pp. 315-335a.


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