Jari Oksanen, Esa Läärä, Kimmo Tolonen, and Barry G. Warner. 2001. Confidence intervals for the optimum in the Gaussian response model. Ecology 82: 1191-1197.


Supplement 1: The R and S-plus functions for the analyses presented in the paper. Ecological Archives E082-015-S1.

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Jari Oksanen
Department of Ecological and Environmental Sciences
University of Helsinki
Niemenkatu 73
15140 Lahti, FINLAND
Email jari.oksanen@helsinki.fi

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optgrad_0.9.tar.gz (9K) -- Functions for the standard R package.
optgrad.zip (40K) -- Same as above, but with added formatted help pages for non-R environments.


The file optgrad_0.9.tar.gz is a standard package for R software. R is an open-source statistical environment which is available free for several platforms and operating systems from R web pages. R language is very similar to S language, and so these functions may be directly usable in S-PLUS as well, although I have tested them only in R.

If you have R installed in your system, you may download the optgrad-0.9.tar.gz package. For system-wide installation, issue R INSTALL optgrad_0.9.tar.gz in the UNIX command shell. This will install the functions and the help files. If you wish to remove the installed package, issue R REMOVE optgrad. You may check your installation running R CMD check optgrad.

If you have no access to R or want to use a more lightweight alternative than system-wide installation, you may wish to get the file optgrad.zip. This file contains the same files as optgrad_0.9.tar.gz, and in addition, it contains formatted help pages as text, html and S help pages. All functions are in a single file optgrad.R, and you may read in this file using source("optgrad.R") in the R command prompt. For trying these functions in S-PLUS, please check your local documentation.

The functions are a part of continuing research project and they may change. Possible new versions can be found through http://www.helsinki.fi/~jhoksane/.

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